Through a simple PSA blood test, Dr. Mark Allen, MD (972.612.8037), a urologist with North Dallas Urology Associates, was able to quickly diagnose Michael* with prostate cancer. As an active 48-year old husband, father and president of a mid-size manufacturing plant, the diagnosis came as a complete shock. With no real symptoms, Michael’s prostate cancer was caught early, however, because it was a more aggressive tumor, the ‘watch and wait’ recommendation that is at times given to younger patients was not an option.

“The news was very difficult for me to accept. We just sent our youngest daughter off to college and as new empty nesters, my wife and I were ready to travel and begin a series of remodeling projects around our house. Instead, I was in for a fight against cancer. I began my long and in-depth search for the right treatment that would allow me to live my life as I knew it before the diagnosis.”

After consulting with his Dallas-based urologist and a variety of oncologists, Michael opted for radiation therapy using the Calypso 4D Localization System. Reluctant to have surgery, Michael learned through a team of oncologists that radiation therapy can be equally as effective as surgery in treating patients with prostate cancer.

What is the Calypso 4d Localization Radiation System for Prostate Cancer?

The Calypso 4D Localization System is quickly becoming the treatment of choice for thousands of men faced with prostate cancer. It offers a therapeutic approach that cures the cancer while allowing them to remain active and fully functioning.

Dr. Mark Allen, MD, a urologist with North Dallas Urology Associates, treated Michael for his prostate cancer. Dr. Allen, who is one of the only doctors in the Dallas/Fort Worth market who offers the Calypso treatment, said, “Most of my prostate cancer patients want two things: they want reduced side effects as a result of the cancer treatment and they want to keep their quality of life. The Calypso radiation technology uses real-time tracking which is immensely important because it enables us to deliver high amounts of radiation directly to the tumor while sparing all other organs from any exposure. This reduces the side effects which improves their quality of life.”

For Michael, incontinence and a decrease in sexual activity were huge concerns in regards to the side effects he might suffer from surgery or other radiation therapies. While there is no guarantee with any prostate cancer treatment or procedure in eliminating or reducing known side effects, the Calypso has a notably high success rate in serious treatment-related symptoms.

How the Calypso 4D Localization System Works

For Michael, and millions of other men diagnosed with prostate cancer, there are a few facts to know that will come as a surprise in terms of radiation therapy. The organs within the body move naturally; during radiation therapy a doctor cannot accurately predict which way these organs will move. If the organs move during radiation treatment, they risk receiving the radiation that is not meant for them.

The Calypso system is known throughout the medical community as the GPS for the body. With a tiny beacon that is inserted into the tumor, the physician is able to align the radiation directly and precisely to the tumor. This precise and real-time tracking has clinically been proven to raise the quality of life and reduce the side effects associated with prostate cancer radiation therapy.

For Michael, Calypso radiation therapy treatment proved to be a successful treatment option for his cancer. Sexual activity has remained active and as normal as possible and there are no out-of-the-ordinary urinary-related side effects associated from the cancer treatment.

Dr. Allen continues to see an increase in cancer patients who—if given the choice—choose the Calypso over other common forms of treatment. “I give all of my patients the pros and cons to each treatment options. Depending on where they are in their life, how active they are and the kind of lifestyle they lead ultimately helps us to narrow down the treatment procedure. For many of my patients who are in the same situation as Michael, the Calypso is a great and accurate prostate cancer treatment alternative.”